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Our honed massage packages cater to your every need.

After 10+ years of service, we have focused our massage treatments into three packages designed to cater to anyone's needs. Our Combination treatment combines the benefits of both traditional Thai and classic Swedish massages to provide a rejuvenating and relaxing experience. Our Deep Tissue treatment is perfect for those who prefer a firmer pressure to target specific areas of tension and soreness. And our 4-Hand Combination treatment features two skilled therapists working in harmony to provide a symphony of relaxing and revitalizing movements that will leave you feeling refreshed and recharged.


The best of Thai and Swedish massage techniques

Enjoy all-around soothing relaxation.

Our combination therapy is the best Thai and Swedish massage you can get because it seamlessly blends the therapeutic benefits of both techniques, providing a uniquely relaxing and revitalizing experience.

30 minutes | $45
60 minutes | $55
90 minutes | $85
120 minutes | $110

Deep Tissue

Therapeutic pain relief through focused massage

Target your pain and relieve stress.

Deep tissue massage therapy helps to relieve chronic muscle tension and reduce inflammation. Our skilled therapists use specialized techniques to target the root of the problem and promote long-lasting healing.

30 minutes | $55
60 minutes | $65
90 minutes | $95
120 minutes | $120

4-Hand Combination

Enhanced relaxation through full-body coverage

Experience full-body rejuvenation.

Our four-handed combination of Thai and Swedish massage therapy provides a relaxing and rejuvenating experience where two skilled therapists work together to deliver a synchronized massage that combines the therapeutic benefits of both techniques.

30 minutes | $85
60 minutes | $110
90 minutes | $165
120 minutes | $220

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